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Spring 2022 Lacrosse Program Details

Welcome to the Spring 2022 Season for Henry Youth Lacrosse. We are registering teams for boys and girls in grades kindergarten through 8th grade (K-8) this season – including a NEW “Little Laxers” Program we have developed to help introduce our youngest players (K-2) to the sport of lacrosse. Please review the information below on our Spring 2022 Programs to help you choose the best fit for your player(s).


Our NEW “Little Laxers” program is a co-ed, beginner lacrosse program designed for our youngest players (grades K-2). This group does not compete against other teams, rather the group meets once per week for a 90-min “practice and play” session that includes two components:

  1. A 45-minute “practice” where coaches will introduce new beginner lacrosse skills (fundamentals) through a series of fun ‘games’ (not drills). The goal for the first part of these sessions is to keep the energy level and “fun factor” high, so kids stay engaged and have fun learning these new skills. Through a variety of games (similar to those introduced at our TryLax Beginner Clinic – for those who attended), coaches will lead players through instruction on fundamentals including scooping, cradling, dodging, passing, catching, and shooting.
  2. 30-45 minutes of competition or “playtime” where coaches will divide players into multiple groups to compete in a variety of “small-sided” lacrosse games (3v3, 5v5, 7v7, etc.). These competitive games give new players an opportunity to practice their skills in various fun, fast-paced, and competitive formats.

This program is designed to prepare players with the skills they’ll need to move up to the ‘next level’ and play on our older group youth teams – should they choose to do so – in future seasons. The focus here is FUN and FUNdamentals. If your player is just starting out, this program is a great place to start. Players in this group do not need full equipment (just a lacrosse stick, gloves, and mouth guard for safety). 

Sessions for this group are tentatively scheduled for Monday nights from 6:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. at J.P. Moseley Park in Stockbridge, GA. Practices will begin in mid-February and will continue for a series of 8 sessions (adjusting for breaks, rainouts, etc.). We have a lot of interest at this age level following our summer camp and TryLax Clinic this past year. We are excited to offer this NEW program for players just starting out. All players who register for this group will receive a reversible practice jersey (a.k.a. “pinnie”). You will be asked for size options during registration.

Note: players ages 7-8 can choose between Little Laxers and our 8U teams (see below). 

It’s hard for parents and players new to the sport of lacrosse to picture what the heck this “Little Laxers” thing is all about. While we’re not doing the exact same thing as Scoops Lacrosse (a similar K-2 program up north), we LOVE how these guys approach “practice” for the younger kids and are looking to generate the same level of energy, excitement and fun at our sessions. Please sign up and give it a try. If your child isn’t having fun, we’ll refund you (they are going to have fun!!). Please let me know if you have any questions, especially if they are keeping you from signing up and/or you’re unsure what these programs are all about. We’re happy to answer any/all questions or explain any of this stuff for you. Thanks again for your interest!



This is our primary recreational team for Boys and Girls in grades 2-8. This group uses full equipment and plays against teams from around the Metro Atlanta area. We are currently registering teams for 8U, 10U, 12U, and 14U (the “U” stands for “under,” so “8U” is “8 and Under” – see “Age Groupings” section below for more information). Teams will practice twice per week. Practice days/times aren’t finalized until registration closes, but are typically on Tuesdays and Thursdays, though sometimes Fridays or Sunday afternoons depending on the team, coaches, and player availability. All practices will take place at J.P. Moseley Park. Practices are typically 60 mins for 8U and 90 mins for the older groups.

Once teams are registered, coaches begin the scheduling process. We self-schedule our games against other programs in the Metro Atlanta area and this process varies from team to team. Our goal is to schedule a minimum of 6 games/scrimmages for each team, though it’s not uncommon for our 10U or 12U teams to play 10 or more games. Our coaches are limited first by how many players we have registered for teams, then by the existence or availability of other programs’ teams in the age group we are scheduling for. We will supplement games/scrimmages with inter-squad competitions regularly throughout the season. Interest is strong this season and we are looking forward to having more of our teams competing this spring.



All players must be USA Lacrosse Members to participate in any Henry Youth Lacrosse (HYL) program and memberships must not expire before the end of the current season (May 2022). USA Lacrosse Annual Youth Membership is $30. You will have the option to enter your player’s current USA Lacrosse Membership information (or to purchase/renew Memberships) during the registration process. If your child played this past fall or participated in our recent TryLax Beginner Clinic, they have a current/valid USA Lacrosse Membership. Note: Membership dues go directly to USA Lacrosse and are non-refundable. Please visit the USA Lacrosse website for more information on membership benefits or to look up your membership number(s).


If you’re curious about how age groupings work for lacrosse, this next section will provide you with way more information than most parents will want about this topic (you can skip this section if you want). If you like knowing all the details, please read on.

We do our best to roster players on teams in compliance with USA Lacrosse’s Age & Eligibility Guidelines (published each “lacrosse year,” which runs September 1st through August 31st). Depending on what year and month your child was born, USA Lacrosse recommends they play in a specific “age and under” grouping (for example “10U,” which stands for “10 and under”). You can check which “official” group your child is in on USA Lacrosse’s current Age Group Chart. This can get confusing at times, especially when other programs use school grades or “Under Age” groupings (for example “U11,” which stands for “Under 11” and is pretty much the same thing as “10U”).

And if that isn’t confusing enough, if/when your player competes in tournaments, they use high school graduation years to group players (2029, 2030, etc.). In an effort to help simplify things for everyone, we do use USA Lacrosse’s Age Group Chart as a reference point, but try to suggest school grades whenever possible. Just know that once you register your child, we will recommend a team that is the best fit for their size, age, experience level, comfort level, etc. If this changes over the course of the season, we’ll recommend adjustments. We want them to be safe, have fun, and enjoy the overall experience.

Every program our teams compete against in Georgia seems to have different criteria for what grades kids are in based on age. Please refer to our quick-reference table for an at-a-glance view of grade, age, birth date, and graduation year groupings used for grouping boys and girls lacrosse players by teams. 

CANCELLATION/REFUND POLICY: You may cancel your registration on or before January 31, 2022 (when registration closes) for a full refund. Sorry, no cancellations after registration closes. 

Questions? Need help? If you have questions or need additional information about our Spring 2022 Programs, please contact Jeremy Porter via phone or text at 404.641.9023 or email

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Henry Youth Lacrosse is dedicated to growing boys and girls lacrosse participation in Henry County, Georgia. Our mission is to help children in our communities discover, learn, and enjoy the sport of lacrosse while honoring and preserving the traditions of the game. HYL helps introduce the game to children in K-8th Grade, and regardless of age, grade, means, ability, or experience, helps those children develop their skills and reach their full potential on and off the field.